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Hansu Mobile Innovations is a software development company located at Mission, Mbale, Uganda. It is one of leading companies using deep computer science and technical insights to solve some of the societies pressing challenges at scale using mobile technologies and artificial intelligence. Our mission is to develop secure, scalable and delighting enterprise solutions on both web and mobile around the global, to support and believe in research, entrepreneurship and innovations which enable us implement high tech solutions with an AI first approach


We offer customly made mobile phone applications to help your business thrive.
We also do research in mobile computing to better improve ease of use, accessibility and security. We support local startups so as to have more innovators in the software industry in Mbale region and beyond. As a way of achieving its motives of social corporate responsibility, it supports a nonprofit organization Django Girls that empowers women into the technology sector in Mbale region and GDG Mbale with space, mentors and guidance.

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We are located at plot 40 Mission Road, Mbale, Uganda on Mountain Inn building opposite Sukali. you can email us at info@hansumi.com.